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PREP's Culture is People! Commercial Kitchens - Food Producers

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People make working at PREP's Kitchens Fun! PREP's Kitchens are always full of every type of food entrepreneur from Bakers, Caterers, Specialty Food Producers, Juice Manufacturers, food trucks and many more! There is never a dull moment…

PREP Atlanta announces $7 million expansion

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PREP Atlanta - The explosion of micro food businesses in Atlanta has given rise to a multitude of shared kitchen spaces that provide production space, resources and guidance to area culinary entrepreneurs... Such growth continues with…
Atlanta Local Food Products

Find Locally Produced Specialty Foods - Candler Park Market

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Local Specialty Foods made and sold in Atlanta! PREP Atlanta removes the barriers to entry for entrepreneurs who want to start a specialty food business. Today I had the pleasure to meet with Greg Hutchins and Robin Santos at Candler Park…

So you have a great recipe? Calling all Food Entrepreneurs!

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PREP can simplify your recipe for success! PREP is a food business accelerator and unique shared kitchen facility. PREP supports, provides resources for, and serves as the food production home to a rising class of culinary entrepreneurs. PREP…

PREP Members Success 2016!

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So much to celebrate! PREP celebrates members going into their second year of operations, graduating to their own locations, and we welcome all of our new members. This is where you can bring your culinary dreams to life! PREP Cook | Create…
Queen of Cream Specialty Ice Cream Producer Graduates from PREP

Queen of Cream Specialty Ice Cream Producer graduates from PREP!

Queen of Cream Craft Ice Cream Producer began in a dedicated space at PREP and was classified as the "Littlest Licensed Dairy kitchen" in the state of Georgia. "Queen of Cream was first dreamed of in 2013 by two friends who absolutely…
Bakery, Baker, Shared Kitchen Atlanta

PREP's newest Baker - Jimella's Bakery!

 PREP is proud to have Emily and Jimella's Bakery as part of the PREP Family! Jimella’s is an artisanal bakery in Decatur, Georgia. Every order is made 100% from scratch and baked fresh, using the highest-quality ingredients. Call Jimella’s…
Buckhead Berries Specialty Producer at PREP

PREP's Shared Kitchens Specialty Food Producers

PREP's Shared Kitchen Member - Specialty Food Producer Buckhead Berries Tisha Hopper is bringing Buckhead Berries, wonderful gourmet fresh dipped strawberries, to market with the use of PREP's shared kitchens.There are no words to describe…