• Shared & Private Kitchen Spaces for Atlanta’s Culinary Entrepreneurs



Through our online booking system, you can easily book, change or cancel your kitchen schedule at on your smartphone or computer.

We keep our kitchen very clean and tidy, and ask that everyone else do the same. We have cleaning solutions, broom, and mops, that are available to use after a shift.

If you have specialty equipment that you need, just let us know in most cases we can make accommodations. We support businesses with referrals  to potential sources of capital needed to grow, and we provide access to workshops and educational resources through PREP and many vested third party vendors.

Stay agile as you grow, with just a one year minimum on member agreements. It is easy to expand as your business grows.

The station is yours during your scheduled time. 24/7.
At PREP we have our own online scheduling system With potential for very short shifts, and up to a full day or more.

We offer 10 kitchen stations whitch includes 4 private dedicated spaces, appliances and cleaning supplies.

In addition, we rent lockable dedicated dry, refrigerated and freezer storage for your businesses. At PREP we have a business advisor on staff offering  business development, permitting & marketing consulting that is included in your PREP Membership.

PREP provides a complete kitchen space with NSF certified commercial equipment, we also walk our Members through the various processes of regulation and compliance. PREP can provide information regarding packaging, labelling, nutritional information, barcoding and batch numbering to make your move in and production process as painless as possible.
While in your facility you will only be charged while using a stations or equipment. Anything that you do in the washing room, dedicated storage, conference rooms or washing room will not use your hours.


Never a dull moment.

The shared kitchen at PREP is full of every type of food entrepreneur there is – from bakers to speciality food producers to juice manufacturers. You have the support PREP’s management, mentors, food professionals and other culinary entrepreneurs to share ideas, resources and success.

PREP helps with licensing and permitting, and our relationships with third party vendors who can help with recipe development, food safety training, packaging, labeling, marketing and on and on.

PREP is a platform for Atlanta’s creative food entrepreneurs to achieve their dreams.  Many of PREP’s producers are now in major grocery chains, specialty retail chains and sell their products not just regionally, but nationally.

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  • 6 Ranges (6 Burners)
  • Grill char countertop
  • Char flat top counter
  • Steam kettle
  • 2 Tilt Skillets
  • 3 Double stack convection ovens
  • 2 Double stack convection ovens (No Meat/Vegetables)
  • 2 Double stack convection ovens (Bakers Only)
  • 10  qt. mixer
  • 20 qt. mixer
  • 30 qt. mixer
  • 60 qt. mixer
  • Microwave
  • 2 Induction cooker
  • Vegetable washing sink
  • Can Opener
  • Proofing cabinet
  • 2 Wooden Tables
  • Utility racks
  • Dollies
  • Carts
  • Sheet pan racks
  • Dish sanitizing sinks