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Shared Kitchens & Food Startups

Almost a year ago, I attended a summit at the Dell Campus where the focus was on how Dell can help entrepreneurs and start ups with their technology needs.
I had a wonderful conversation with Rhonda Abrams who was facinated with our Shared Kitchen Project that we have been working on. Last week, Rhonda wrote a brilliant article about Food Startups, and included PREP’s Shared Kitchens that will soon be available for local food producers
Read the article below.
Shared Kitchens, Food Truck Kitchens coming to Atlanta
One cutting-edge example of a new option in commercial kitchen spaces is Prep in Atlanta, set to open in January.
PREP not only will include a commercial kitchen, a gluten-free kitchen, and a meat kitchen approved by the U.S. Department of Agriculture but also facilities for food trucks to prepare food, get supplies such as propane and ice, and park. Prep includes a Studio Kitchen so culinary entrepreneurs can create videos to help promote their products and services.
“I found it cumbersome to go through all the aspects of launching a food business,” said the company’s founder, Michele Jaffe. She got her inspiration when trying to launch a granola business.
All of the laws overwhelmed her.
When she looked for a commercial kitchen, she needed to sign a contract for at least 20 hours a month, but she had no idea how many hours she needed. Prep will offer greater flexibility.
“Let them increase their hours as production increases,” Jaffe said. “That way, they can determine whether they really want to do this for a living.”
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