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PREP’s Culture is People! Commercial Kitchens – Food Producers

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People make working at PREP's Kitchens Fun!PREP's Kitchens are always full of every type of food entrepreneur from Bakers, Caterers, Specialty Food Producers, Juice Manufacturers, food trucks and many more!There is never a dull moment…

New Restaurant Test Kitchen. Let PREP help with your Pre-Opening!

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Opening a Restaurant?  Use PREP as your test kitchen! Do you have a special product that you want to bring to the wholesale and retail market? Use our test kitchen for your recipe testing and development, product development, staff training,…
Doug Marranci Founder and Director of Operations

Article in Voyage Atlanta featuring Doug Marranci Co-Founder PREP

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Meet Doug Marranci of PREP Cook | Create | Connect in Spaghetti JunctionDECEMBER 11, 2017 Original Article on Voyageatl.comToday we’d like to introduce you to Doug Marranci. Doug has been in the restaurant industry for 35-years.…

Selling online & Passport to Export conference

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Selling Online & Passport to Export. Exclusively for PREP Members! On October 18th, PREP is having an online selling and Passport to Export conference. This conference will feature  online food broker, Food E Crave.  from 11 am - noon.…

PREP Members Success 2016!

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So much to celebrate! PREP celebrates members going into their second year of operations, graduating to their own locations, and we welcome all of our new members. This is where you can bring your culinary dreams to life! PREP Cook | Create…

Tour PREP’s Unique Shared Kitchen Facility – Meet & Greet

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Tour PREP's Unique Shared Commercial Kitchen Facility Join us on Thursday, April 16th at 10:30 am or 3 pm If becoming a food entrepreneur is what you want, PREP is the place to be!   Come and tour PREP next week and find out what the buzz…
PREP Shared Kitchens State of the art Commercial Kitchen Facility

Shared Kitchen Facility Helps Bring your Food to Market

Get ready for our state-of-the-art shared kitchen facility - 60 feet of hoods going up! We at PREP, a commercial shared kitchen facility, know that everyone has a wonderful recipe for special occasions - something your friends are asking…
PREP Atlanta's Shared Kitchen Construction Updates

PREP Cook | Create | Connect – Construction Update

PREP's construction is in high gear.   We have gone vertical and 80% of our framing is complete! All underground plumbing within the building is complete, and the mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough in is underway.  PREP Cook…
Breaking ground at PREP!

Construction on PREP's shared kitchen has begun!

Construction on PREP's shared kitchen has begun! Its been a long time coming and a lot of hard to work to make PREP a reality, but we've broken ground and looking forward to opening in a few months.  Thanks for all your interest and support. Watch…

State of the Art Shared Kitchen Facility

After working in the restaurant business and speciality food business for years, PREP's founders know first hand how much Atlanta needs a shared kitchen facility  to service this sector.  The video below is just a sampling of local food operators…