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PREP’s Culture is People! Commercial Kitchens – Food Producers

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People make working at PREP's Kitchens Fun! PREP's Kitchens are always full of every type of food entrepreneur from Bakers, Caterers, Specialty Food Producers, Juice Manufacturers, food trucks and many more! There is never a dull moment…

Who Ya Gonna Call? Ghost KITCHENS!

A ghost kitchen or restaurant is a foodservice operation that is meant for delivery only. These businesses have eliminated the dining room and there are no take out options. These are delivery only businesses and work in conjunction with the…

PREP ATL Member Perks: Exclusive Digital Marketing Opportunity!

Hello all! Let me take a minute to (digitally) introduce ourselves. We are The Imprints Agency, ATL's newest resource for restaurants in need of digital marketing! Through reading this post, you will find out more about who we are, what…