PREP Essay Contest Winner

Atlanta's Next Culinary Entrepreneur - We Have a Winner!

Atlanta’s Next Culinary Entrepreneur Jasmine Simone - Everything Vegan - Products with Purpose What a pleasure to meet Jasmine today and find out the rest of the story about the wonderful products.  Rich and delicious,  the "cheese" that…
Wanderlust Cold Pressed Coffee

Wanderlust Cold Pressed Coffee Joins PREP

Cold Brew Coffee Made in ATL Wanderlust Coffee was born from a love of all things coffee. Living in The South, cold brew coffee is a great option, if not a necessity, nearly year round. We like serving it up ready-to-drink. because we think…
Buckhead Berries Specialty Producer at PREP

PREP's Shared Kitchens Specialty Food Producers

PREP's Shared Kitchen Member - Specialty Food Producer Buckhead Berries Tisha Hopper is bringing Buckhead Berries, wonderful gourmet fresh dipped strawberries, to market with the use of PREP's shared kitchens.There are no words to describe…
Food Trucks in Atlanta - Hokulia Shave Ice

Hokulia Shave Ice Food Truck at PREP!

Congratulations Linda Walker - Launching two of Atlanta's newest food trucks Hokulia Shave Ice! Hokulia shave ice is an ice-based dessert made by shaving a block of ice, adding our own delicious flavors and a scoop of Utah’s own Farr’s…
PREP Shared Kitchens for Specialty Food Producers - Caramel Bacon Popcorn

Caramel Bacon Popcorn - Specialty Food Producers

Specialty Food Producers: Bring your products to market @ PREP I love popcorn!  Imagine Bacon Caramel Corn. The warm feeling of eating this sinful delight is even still fresh in my mind. Last week I had the opportunity to try Bacon Caramel…
Atlanta Food Trucks Food Truck Coalition

Atlanta Food Trucks to Operate in the City?

Atlanta Food Trucks: Is Public Right-of-Way Vending Coming to Atlanta? Atlanta City Council will be voting on the issue on March 17. By Greg Smith Atlanta Street Food Coalition, President The City of Atlanta is set to boost its mobile…