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Long Time Member Sourdough shipping to Texas

Today we are so proud of our long time Prep member Georgia Sourdough CO! I’m 2 years with us hey have gone from 20 bags a week to this week’s order of 2,500!!! And they’re headed out to all Central Market stores in Texas. Yay! • • • #sourdoughcrackers #community #sharedkitchen #texas #prepatl..

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PREParations are coming to an end soon!

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New PREP Member: @bigdaddybiscuit DELICIOUS FARM TO TABLE DOG BISCUITS BECAUSE YOUR DOG DESERVES THE BEST You want to reward your dog for good behavior with a tasty treat, but you also want to help your pup maintain a healthy diet. Big Daddy Biscuits let you do both with all-natural, handmade dog treats..

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Tru Truffle Oil

Have you tried TruTruffle Oil? Locally sourced truffles, and wonderful Georgia Grown deliciousness! Black truffle oil is my personal favorite! Act now for a buy one get one free offer.

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Truck & Tap Alpharetta – first night!

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Tru Truffle Gift Baskets http://www.trutruffleoil.com Now available – the gift baskets that will make you a hero to someone special and or to yourself! Chefs Basket contains: 1 half gallon either Black or White Tru Truffle Oil Tin of Georgia Truffled Sea Salt 3oz Misto Gourmet Oil Spritzer Bamboo cutting board..

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Blitz Kitchen

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Truck & Tap, heading for the finish line!

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Georgia Sourdough CO

Georgia Sourdough CO! THE BEST True Sourdough crackers EVER!

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Sifted! Take a look.

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Truck & Tap Alpharetta

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PREP Member - Sunshine Alchemy - jasmine Beck

PREP Member Testimonial – Sunshine Alchemy – jasmine Beck. Check it out! Health forward, conscious creations featuring frozen craft beverages and organic seasonal ingredients #foodtruck #foodtruckatl #titos #healthfoodtruck #foodie #foodieatl #foodieprep

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Curly Sue's Cookies

Curly Sue’s Cookies! I was in front of Whole Foods and saw Sue selling her cookies under cottage industry permitting. The cookies were AWESOME and I told her she needed to come to PREP. Today, Curly Sue’s Cookies is in business @ PREP Atlanta! Please like her page and take a look at the wonderful cookies..

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Controlled Electrical Systems

Main Power Switch = ON!

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TOMORROW! Online Selling, Cold Logistics and Passport to Export tomorrow starting at 11 am. RSVP Here: http://www.prepatl.com/selling-online-passport-to-export-conference/

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Halloween is coming…. Are you ready? Our caterers, bakers and food producers are ready for you!! Check out our website for our list of PREP members. http://www.prepatl.com Tags:. . . . . . #prepatl #sharedkitchen #foodie #atlanta #atlantafoodie #foodtruck

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Such wonderful collaborative effort! Great Work Cuchifritos Eatery Atlanta and Puerto Ricovery, MICLIPCI

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The Royal Pig BBQ

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PREP Atlanta

This was the beginning of PREP. Now we are getting ready to open PREP 2! My how time flies!

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Cuchifritos Eatery Atlanta

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Have you called PREP yet? 404.920.4150 http://www.PREPatl.com. . . . . . #prepatl #prepkitchen #sharedkitchen #atlantafoodie #atlanta commisserykitchen #foodtruckatlanta atlantafoodtruck #foodproducer #foodieatlanta #foodtruck

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Selling online & Passport to Export conference - PREP

Save Your Business! PREP Member conference. Wednesday October 18th 11am – 2:30 pm. ALL PREP MEMBERS NEED TO CHECK THIS OUT! Call me if you have questions. Open to PREP Members only. RSVP Now, Limited space available.

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Say hello to our new member “The French Truck” . . . . . #Foodtruck, #foodtruckatlanta #prepatlanta #sharedkitchenatlanta #crepeatlanta #crepeatlantafoodtruck #baseofoperation #foodie #foodieatlanta #culinary #likes #goodfood #atlanta #atlantafood @ PREP Atlanta

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Photos from PREP Atlanta's post

It’s beginning to look a lot like PREP over at PREP 2! Heading towards the finish line….

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PREP Cook-Create-Connect is a fully licensed unique shared kitchen concept. Eestablished with one goal in mind – to help build and support small food businesses in Metro Atlanta. We provide state-of-the-art commercial shared kitchen space, resources, food procurement and guidance to a talented and creative class of entrepreneurs. These include: specialty food producers, baker, caterers and mobile food service operators, along with the next generation of food artisans. PREP is a privately held company based in Atlanta, GA.  For more information about PREP, please call (404) 920-4150 or visit www.PREPatl.com    PREP on Facebook – PREP on Twitter