Gordon Food Service Partnership with PREP
American Red Cross Partnership

PREP has partnered with the American Red Cross to provide emergency meals for people displaced by disasters.

This is active NOW since there is a possibility of a Hurricane hitting the coastline shortly and we need your help!

PREP has developed partnership with the Georgia Region of the American Red Cross to provide large volume set menu prepared meals situations where disaster victims are housed.   This could be as simple as displaced families in an apartment fire and Tornado victims up to mass evacuations from coastal areas.

Generally these people have been fed from large volume operations which set up buffets and pick-up areas in sports arenas or large event centers.

The purpose of this message is to determine who would like to be on the contact list.  You would need to be able to pull staff together to assemble and deliver these meals with 24 hour notice.  This could be for 100 meals to 500 at different times.

Due to the COVID-19 crisis, refugees will be housed in hotels and other shelters where there is complete separation between units.

There can be no congregating of groups of people, so arrangements will be made to provide individually packaged meals in these situations.

The meals will be standardized, simple, scoop and serve type meals, including breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Set menus and set pre-cooked products

A menu will be provided for you, and Gordon Food Service is on standby to provide the products quickly.

Today, there is a hurricane heading towards the coastline.  Based on where it makes landfall, the Red Cross of the state will activate.  This will be an ongoing situation since Red Cross also manages feeding for tornado evacuations, apartment fires and many other tragic events.

Product will be provided by Gordon Food Service.

If you are an interested PREP Member company and wish to become an approved meal provider for this program there is an approval process.

Please submit the following basic information below to start and we will be back in contact with you.

Here is the breakfast sample menu based on the Red Cross requirements.

Cereal- 509396-96/1oz. $41.26
Milk- 526420-50/8oz. $18.46
Whole Fruit (apple) -597481- 125-138 ct.-$38.15
Granola bar- 147881- 72ct.- $30.18
Fruit Juice-373680-48/6oz. -$15.83
Bag- 292567- 1/500ct- $26.29
Cutlery- 650090-1/1000ct.- $37.09

Cost per meal breakdown;

Cereal-$.43 each
Milk- $.37 each
Fruit- $.28 each
Juice- $.33 each
Bag- $.05 each
Cutlery- $.04 each

$1.50 per meal

Here is the lunch/dinner sample menu based on the Red Cross requirements.

Container- 176030- 24 oz 1/150ct $37.00
Cutlery- 650090- 1/1000ct $37.09
Mac and Cheese, cooked frozen- 785780- 4/4lbs. $33.35
Chicken Strip, cooked frozen-675110 – 2/5lbs. $29.35
Green Bean-328251-6/#10 can $30.29
Water- 435547- 24/16oz.-$10.83

Per meal break down based on Red Cross meal guidelines

Container- $.25 each
Cutlery- $.04 each
Mac and Cheese- $.78 per  6oz. serving
Chicken Strip – $1.60 per 8oz. serving
Green Beans- $.30 per 6oz. serving
Water- $.45 each

Total meal cost $3.42

We anticipate that participants in this program will experience a 30 – 40% cost of goods.

If you have any questions, contact Mitch Long @ 678-644-3301 – or mitchl@prepatl.com