PREP Business Development

“After a short meeting with Doug and JR I learned how to optimize my website and create a new and improved web presence, which immediately led to leads for my business”  Nick Hulsey, Atlanta International Catering


There are so many moving parts when you are a food entrepreneur, it can sometimes get overwhelming!
Business Development Meetings are a way to have a Mentor who can help with your business.

We have experience and many connections, So may Members have been able to accelerate their businesses in ways they never thought possible.

While it is nice to know in advance what questions you may have, you can just come and sit down, and we will discuss your business and ways that we can assist.

Doug can help with Operations, Logistics, SEO, SEM, business growth, expansion, distribution and much more.
JR can assist with all things Marketing, including Instagram, Facebook, Using your phone for photography, and product feedback.

Everyone always leaves these meetings with a brighter outlook and tools and to do lists to begin implementing simple strategies.

To get started, we are scheduling meetings all day on Tuesday, July 30th and Tuesday August 6th.

If you need to meet with us on another day, please send a request to PREP(at) and we will get you scheduled!


Hear what PREP Member David Karsh has to say about business development!

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