Wish you could get help like you call an Uber? Here is the solution!


Imagine an On Demand Labor Force!  How difficult is it to get new help?

We at PREP are excited to announce the availability of VeryAble for PREP Producers.

Growing businesses find it difficult to get good help, especially in a crunch.

Big event next week?  Need someone for 3 hours to help with production?  Need someone for 3 days?

Operators that are on VeryAble are rated for each Gig that they take.  Underperforming folks are removed from the platform.

We tried VeryAble for someone to come in the next morning to help with a cleaning project in the kitchen.  Posted at 7 pm, within 10 minutes 8 people were interested.  I was able to select (or even auto select) the highest rated person.  They showed up, were happy with the work, and got a very high rating from us.

There will be a large labor pool for PREP Members to choose from.

Carter Stanley, Director of Operations for VeryAble will be @ PREP in the PREP 1 conference room to answer questions on Tuesday April 16th, drop in between 11am – 2 pm. You can sign up now, Or go ahead and contact Carter directly @ cstanley@veryableops.com or 678-428-5183

Sign up today: YourLaborPool.com