PREP Gordon Food Service

Amazing Food Show - PREP & Gordon Food Service

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Food Show with PREP & Gordon Food Service working together to bring this wonderful event to Atlanta! Mitch Long and Julie D'Amico set up a food truck park outside of the Cobb Galleria with Island Chef Cafe, Espetada and Tasting Maine giving…

PREP Members Success 2016!

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So much to celebrate! PREP celebrates members going into their second year of operations, graduating to their own locations, and we welcome all of our new members. This is where you can bring your culinary dreams to life! PREP Cook | Create…
PREP on Facebook!

Food Trucks, Caterers, Food Producers, Oh My!

PREP Shared Kitchens, Dedicated Kitchens, Catering Kitchens and More! Enjoy this photo collage that includes photos of some of our Food Producers in the house today! Find out more about them by clicking on the links below. Harvest Soul…

PREP Shared Kitchen (Atlanta) Open For Business This Week!

PREP's shared kitchen opened for business this week. Watch for exciting news this week as we receive final inspections. Let the cooking begin! Call today to become a Member...Let your Culinary Dreams Begin! PREP is a state of the…
Atlanta Food Trucks Georgia Tech

Atlanta Food Trucks Get Right of Way on GA Tech Campus

The Tech community will soon be able to satisfy its cravings for “meals on wheels” from Atlanta food trucks right here on campus. By the end of March, a group of student-chosen food trucks will call Georgia Tech’s campus home. Just which…
PREP Atlanta's Shared Kitchen Construction Updates

PREP Cook | Create | Connect - Construction Update

PREP's construction is in high gear.   We have gone vertical and 80% of our framing is complete! All underground plumbing within the building is complete, and the mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough in is underway.   PREP Cook…
Breaking ground at PREP!

Construction on PREP's shared kitchen has begun!

Construction on PREP's shared kitchen has begun! Its been a long time coming and a lot of hard to work to make PREP a reality, but we've broken ground and looking forward to opening in a few months.  Thanks for all your interest and support. Watch…
Prep Business Center

Shared Kitchens, Food Truck Kitchens and More!

Shared Kitchens, Food Truck Kitchens and More! PREP Cook-Create-Connect was established with one goal in mind – to help build and support small food businesses in Metro Atlanta by providing state-of-the-art commercial shared kitchen space,…