Refuge Coffee Truck

The Refuge Coffee truck makes its home at PREP!

Refuge Coffee Truck

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Maybe you’ve seen Clarkston in the news lately. And we’re guessing you smile when you see our red truck, not always featured, but often as the colorful backdrop to the story. We like to think the truck itself is a bright beacon of hope… A beacon your gifts and encouragement have helped us to light. We are Refuge Coffee.

Well, we thought you’d like to know a little of the news behind the news. Because we know you care about what’s really happening:

  • Someone in our community pointed out an inaccuracy in the piece by Channel 46 that aired last week. The reporter mentioned a coffee truck in Clarkston “run by refugees.” While we appreciate our neighbor’s desire for us to get credit, the reporter was right. The Refuge Coffee Truck really is powered by three very empowered Clarkston residents from Congo, Ethiopia, and Syria. We couldn’t be more delighted with this “error.”
  • If you watch the same report, you’ll hear from a man who is quite vocal in his opposition to refugee resettlement. Sadly, he represents many Americans. The next day, he showed up to meet with our “young, hipster mayor” (again, the reporter’s words)… where? At the truck! He bought coffee brewed and served by a resettled refugee. A refugee who often revels in the freedom he has here to say anything, even if he disagrees with our government. In his country, there is no free speech, and he has paid dearly for that.
  • Finally, we are super proud of Ahmad’s courage. We’ve pretty much asked reporters to leave him alone while he gets up to speed in English (he began learning only three months ago when he arrived in the U.S.), but somehow, Channel 2 got a microphone near him, and he did great. Check it out here.

Why do we share these tidbits? Because you are making them happen. YOU are making the news and the real news every time you invite us to cater an event or send us a $5 donation or buy one cup of coffee from us.

You’ve generously given so that we can employ and train Eleni, Leon, Ahmad… and hopefully others soon. You’ve enabled us to buy an old truck on craigslist, outfit it as a rolling coffee shop, take it all over Atlanta, and park it right here in the refugee community where detractors and encouragers alike visit and sip coffee, some never knowing they are creating refuge.
We are thankful for you.

And speaking of creating refuge, our Campaign ends in just two days. We’re getting close to our goal of 50k, an amount we’ll need to widen our embrace and deepen our impact in 2016. If you haven’t given this time around, would you consider making a donation?

Just click here to fuel the beacon of hope called Refuge Coffee Co. 

(The photo above is from our Thanksgiving Brunch at Refuge Coffee Truck at our garage space in Clarkston. Come join us there one Wednesday or Friday, 7am till 4 pm)
Refuge Coffee Truck

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