PREP Member spotlight


Dietitian Nutritionist, Jessica Todd, owns and operates Perfectly Portioned Nutrition, a meal prep and nutrition company in Atlanta, Georgia.Education and nutrition are the forefront of Jessica’s business. She beganmeal prepping in 2017 for her clients, unaware it would become a fully functioning business in a years time. Food was the missing piece from her clients lives when seeking advice in nutrition, so she combined her love of culinary and counseling to create Perfectly Portioned Nutrition.


Small batch Atlanta-area coffee roaster. 

Shipping available.

I chose the name Cloudland Coffee after two things. First after my favorite Georgia state park – Cloudland Canyon. I wanted to have a Georgia reference in the name and this was perfect. Second, a lot of the arabica (high quality coffee) is grown at very high altitudes, many literal are grown in the clouds (or Cloudland). So the name really all came together because of this.

The first direct impact of the pandemic was that a lot of our wholesale accounts with coffee shops, bakeries and cafes came to almost a complete stop. The other significant impact was the stopping of the farmer’s markets. But what I ended up doing was pivoting to more online sales, offering free delivery to people’s homes since they all were stuck at home. Also grocery related accounts really increased their sales which ultimately helped to supplement not having the farmer’s markets and restaurants/bakeries.

My plans are to be competitive with the other Atlanta coffee roasters and be known as one of the coffee roasters for Atlanta whenever people think of Atlanta coffee.

To start a food business, I would recommend pretty much the same steps that I took. If you are able to start out as a cottage food business, it would give you a chance to see if your product is something that a lot people would really want. One of the ways to find out is through the farmer’s markets. Most farmer’s markets accept cottage food licensing and it’s a great way to see how receptive your product and pricing is with the general public. From there taking the next step to transition into a shared kitchen like PREP to become a commercially license food business was probably the best way to grow.

Through Prep I didn’t have to worry about the buildout, they helped me with licensing and provided business development to help me grow my business. There is also this great network of other food entrepreneurs who have provided me with advice from their experiences and have even developed business relationships with some of the members. As I transitioned from Prep to the space where I am today, I think I was better prepared for what to expect as far as things needed for the buildout, the licensing procedure and because I am already an existing business, it has helped me to start this new phase of my business as I already have a client base to work with.

There is never enough time in the day to get everything you want to get done. When there are so many things to do and not enough time to do them, it tends to lead to anxiety, fear, stress, you name it. So trying to better manage my time with work and family has been a continuing challenge, but managing it through planning, seeking help and using a little creativity has helped me to get to where I am today.

Our new location is open and located at 11130 State Bridge Rd. Ste. E104 in Johns Creek, on our website and through our business partners including: 2B Whole Gluten Free Bakery, The Ginger Room, Circle A Farms, Zambawango Desserts and Coffee, Rushing Trading Company, Moonbird Coffee Shop, Java Saga, Garnish and Gather, Farmview Market, The Hug Box, Crave Pie, Provisions on Main, Vickery Village Farmers Market and the Downtown Alpharetta Farmer’s Market.