Truck & Tap – Food Trucks & Craft Draft Beer in downtown Woodstock!

Grand Entrance

Architectural Detail

Interior Preview

PREP is always working to give food trucks a place to operate year round at festivals and events, and opening soon is Truck & Tap in Downtown Woodstock Georgia.

Truck & Tap is the brainchild of the partners at PREP. We were thinking one day, what if we had a place for a different food truck every day with a area for people to sit down, as if they were in a restaurant, this would be a great way to help food trucks expand their business! Along came Cliff Crider with an excellently located property in Downtown Woodstock. After a lot of planning, construction and calculating every inch of space, Watch for Truck & Tap to open in the next couple of weeks.

It just so happens that Barrel and Barley Craft Beer Market is a few doors down. We visited with the owner Zach Yurchuck to see his operation and especially the Growler Shop and tasting room with 20 taps. Hmmm. Food Trucks and Craft Beer? What a winning combination. Zach quickly became the choice for managing Truck & Tap, and in addition to hand selecting the perfect Craft Beer Selections Zach will feature handcrafted sodas as well as grooming a friendly and welcoming team to take care of you.

Well the idea of Food Trucks and a place to sit has turned into an exquisite Craft Beer Bar where you can go to have a great time trying new local craft brews, and order food from a rotating selection of food trucks each day! We always say, do it right, or don’t do it at all! This is evident when you walk down the beautiful sidewalks of Woodstock and see the metal and glass modern exterior, with glass doors that roll up, allowing the space to be open from the front to the back. The historic architecture has been retained and is evident in the brick work, exposed beam ceiling and the rustic look of heavy wooden tables and the custom bar like no other! Every detail has been thoughtfully examined and you will be amazed when you walk in the door.

So, how long has it been since you were in Downtown Woodstock? For me, it was my first time in the Downtown area. Previous visits have only been a drive through in the other direction of gas stations and franchise restaurants. Stunning is the only way to describe the view that unfolds when you arrive in the Downtown area. Props to the Downtown Development Authority for the plan that made Downtown what it is today.

The feelings of two of my favorite places, Asheville and Boone came back as my feet hit the ground. In the areas around Woodstock, there frankly is not much to do. People come from cities in a 30 mile radius, and many from Marietta. This is the cool place to be. Shopping in owner operated shops, where everyone has a passion for what they are doing. Atlanta has erased memories of a bike shop such as OutSpokin Bikes where owner Kevin Poske knows every detail about bikes, biking, and even healthy living for an athletic lifestyle, or just weekend bike warriors.  Then you pass Natural Strides and see many shoes.  No, not just a shoe store, the owners Greg and Erin Scott will explain that there are 100 muscles in your feet.  They know shoes.  They will even take you out and teach you how to run safely and properly.  Each and every business in Downtown Woodstock is there with purpose and passion for what they do. The point is, go into another store of your choice and see the blank stare you get when you ask even a simple question.  I am in love with Downtown Woodstock!

Cheers to the Downtown Development Authority!

Eclectic Mix of folks…

Vibrant Woodstock

This is a destination area, so go ahead and drive by, peek in the windows of Truck & Tap, and dream about the lineup of Food Trucks that will be serving there shortly.  you might be lucky enough to catch Cliff inside during construction and hear what he has to say about the 100 food trucks he has sampled over the last couple of Months. Stop in Barrel and Barley and introduce yourself to Zach and share his passion for Local Craft Beers, maybe even pick up some home brew equipment.   Then, do some shopping, maybe some drinking, and try some of the local restaurants and pubs that are in that area.  You will want to go back, this is your new “quick getaway” place.   You can not feel stressed when you are walking in this beautiful area (including the city park right behind Truck & Tap) and soon, you will know where to find your favorite food trucks every day!

The potential food truck lineup includes: Tasting Maine, The Loaded Burger, Dominics Napolitano Pizza, Happy Belly, Genki Sushi, El Napol, The French Truck, Crepe Suzette and many more…
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PREP is licensed by the USDA, Georgia Department of Agriculture and the GA Dept of Health.

3300 Marjan Drive
Atlanta GA 30340
I-85/I-285 ITP, 15 minutes from most areas of Atlanta.


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