Atlanta Farmers Markets and Local Foods

Farmers Markets - Locally Sourced Foods - PREPatl

Freedom Farmers Market - Atlanta - Locally Sourced Foods By Doug Marranci Today I visited the Freedom Farmers Market at the Carter Center on Freedom Parkway. There were more than 20 vendors with products ranging from organic produce, local…
PREP Shared Kitchens for Specialty Food Producers - Caramel Bacon Popcorn

Caramel Bacon Popcorn - Specialty Food Producers

Specialty Food Producers: Bring your products to market @ PREP I love popcorn!  Imagine Bacon Caramel Corn. The warm feeling of eating this sinful delight is even still fresh in my mind. Last week I had the opportunity to try Bacon Caramel…
Atlanta Food Trucks Food Truck Coalition

Atlanta Food Trucks to Operate in the City?

Atlanta Food Trucks: Is Public Right-of-Way Vending Coming to Atlanta? Atlanta City Council will be voting on the issue on March 17. By Greg Smith Atlanta Street Food Coalition, President The City of Atlanta is set to boost its mobile…
Atlanta Food Trucks Georgia Tech

Atlanta Food Trucks Get Right of Way on GA Tech Campus

The Tech community will soon be able to satisfy its cravings for “meals on wheels” from Atlanta food trucks right here on campus. By the end of March, a group of student-chosen food trucks will call Georgia Tech’s campus home. Just which…
The Gang is Ready!

Fresh Promise - Locally sourced foods to be produced at PREP

Fresh Promise Foods to Begin Production of New Locally-sourcedWholesome Consumer Products Company Establishes Strategic Partnership with Atlanta-based PREP Shared Kitchen - Locally sourced foods. ATLANTA / ACCESSWIRE / March 5, 2014 / Fresh…
PREP Shared Kitchens State of the art Commercial Kitchen Facility

Shared Kitchen Facility Helps Bring your Food to Market

Get ready for our state-of-the-art shared kitchen facility - 60 feet of hoods going up! We at PREP, a commercial shared kitchen facility, know that everyone has a wonderful recipe for special occasions - something your friends are asking…
Prep and Atlanta food coalition workshop

Food Trucks! PREP is hosting a Street Food 101 Workshop

Street Food 101 is an in-depth workshop designed to guide you through the ins and outs of mobile food entrepreneurship in metro Atlanta. If you are dreaming of operating your own food truck, trailer, or cart, but are mystified by the various…
PREP Atlanta's Shared Kitchen Construction Updates

PREP Cook | Create | Connect - Construction Update

PREP's construction is in high gear.   We have gone vertical and 80% of our framing is complete! All underground plumbing within the building is complete, and the mechanical, electrical and plumbing rough in is underway.   PREP Cook…
Prep Business Center

Great news for Atlanta Food Trucks!

Great news for Atlanta Food Trucks! Atlanta food trucks are finally getting some recognition and some praise for their work and contribution to the city of Atlanta. Have a read of this article in this week's Atlanta Business Chronicle. PREP…
Breaking ground at PREP!

Construction on PREP's shared kitchen has begun!

Construction on PREP's shared kitchen has begun! Its been a long time coming and a lot of hard to work to make PREP a reality, but we've broken ground and looking forward to opening in a few months.  Thanks for all your interest and support. Watch…