• Give us a call and schedule a visit


    Give us a call and schedule a visit

    Call  us at  404-920-4150  to schedule a walk-through of the PREP facilities. If PREP is the right fit for you, we will send a proposal with pricing and amenities.

  • 2

    Set an appointment complete your paperwork & permitting application.

    You will need to complete PREP forms your company information. You will also need to register your business with the Secretary of State, and acquire an EIN and Georgia Tax ID.
  • 3

    Sign your Membership Agreement

    You will meet with a PREP team member to sign your Membership Agreement. Bring a valid form of identification and a credit card or voided check to complete your billing information. We will assist you with starting your permitting application at this time.

  • 4

    Provide a Certificate of Insurance

    All PREP Members must carry business liability insurance in the amount of $1 Million/$2 Million aggregate. Our 3 LLCs must be listed as additional insured: Culinary Facilities of Georgia, LLC; 3300 Marjan Drive, LLC; Presidential Concepts, LLC. Send your proof of insurance to prep@prepatl.com

  • 5

    Provide your food safety certification

    After signing your Membership, you will have 3 months to complete a manager level food safety certification through an ANSI accredited program (such as ServSafe).

  • 6

    Receive your permitting inspection

    A representative from the Permitting Authority will set up a time/date for your inspection at PREP, at which time you will receive your food service or manufacturing permit.

  • 7

    Member Orientation

    On the date of your inspection, a PREP Team Member will provide a 15-30 minute orientation, at which time you will be shown how to use PREP’s equipment, how to use our scheduling system, how to clean up stations and more.

  • 8

    Get Cooking!

    Once you have received your permit from the FDA, Department of Agriculture or the DeKalb County Department of Environmental Health, you’re ready to get to work growing your food business at PREP.