PREP Members Success 2016!

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So much to celebrate! PREP celebrates members going into their second year of operations, graduating to their own locations, and we welcome all of our new members. This is where you can bring your culinary dreams to life! PREP Cook | Create…
Bellina Alimentari at Ponce City Market

Bellina Alimentari Opens in Ponce City Market after product testing & training at PREP!

PREP is proud to have been chosen as the kitchen for recipe development and staff training for the new Bellina Alimentari Italian Market which recently opened in Ponce City Market.Every day at PREP was an adventure with the wonderful aromas…
Queen of Cream Specialty Ice Cream Producer Graduates from PREP

Queen of Cream Specialty Ice Cream Producer graduates from PREP!

Queen of Cream Craft Ice Cream Producer began in a dedicated space at PREP and was classified as the "Littlest Licensed Dairy kitchen" in the state of Georgia."Queen of Cream was first dreamed of in 2013 by two friends who absolutely…