PREP Shared Kitchens for Specialty Food Producers - Caramel Bacon Popcorn

Specialty Food Producers: Bring your products to market @ PREP

I love popcorn!  Imagine Bacon Caramel Corn. The warm feeling of eating this sinful delight is even still fresh in my mind. Last week I had the opportunity to try Bacon Caramel Popcorn for the first time. This was at the opening of a wonderful new restaurant called Ration & Dram.

I was fascinated by the ideas of the owner Andy Minchow.  The restaurant will feature fresh sodas, and on premises canning of vegetables and various types of relish and unique pickles for use in his restaurant.

What does this have to do with PREP?

Andy can sell his specialty food items at the restaurant, and even at local farmers markets, but you will not find them at Whole Foods, or your local independent market. PREP makes this dream of widespread distribution a reality!

PREP is a unique commercial kitchen facility for food entrepreneurs.

Specialty foods like Andy’s can be produced at PREP. These specialty food items can be sold to stores and distributors all over the world!

Specialty Food Producers can get started under Georgia Cottage Food Industry regulations. This is an excellent way to get started with limited selling to friends and at farmers markets. When you are ready to go to full market, PREP is here for you.

With PREP, it is easy for you to launch your specialty food products!

Rather than spending your time and $$$ outfitting a facility to Department of Agriculture standards, we have done the work for you.  Our facility is licensed and approved for use by FDA, USDA, Georgia Department of Agriculture and Health Department Food Producers.

With your membership at PREP, Doug Marranci, Director of Operations will guide you through the regulatory process you so you can quickly get cooking and do what you do best, while leaving the facility management to us.

PREP is licensed by the USDA, Georgia Department of Agriculture and the GA Dept of Health.

3300 Marjan Drive
Atlanta GA 30340
I-85/I-285 ITP, 15 minutes from most areas of Atlanta.


PREP Cook-Create-Connect provides Private Kitchens for Commissary, Catering and Food Production as well as a shared kitchen workspaces.  PREP is a culinary accelerator platform which reduces the barriers to entry and provides mentorship for food entrepreneurs bringing their products and services to market.  PREP provides test kitchens resources, food procurement and guidance to a talented and creative class of entrepreneurs. These are specialty food producers, baker, caterers and mobile food service operators, along with the next generation of food artisans. PREP is a privately held company based in Atlanta, GA.